Wet plaster

In this situation a recently added addition brought new drywall together with old plaster. Lakeshore was hired to create a small radius cove in a 90 degree drywall corner. Because the cove was small, using wire lathe was not necessary. Instead a plaster bonding agent was applied followed by a first coat of brown bag plaster, as the brown coat dries a foundation for the radius is formed using a stiff  plaster trowel. Several coats of Plaster of Paris are then applied until a uniform radius is created. If done properly only a small amount of sanding is required to achieve a paint ready surface.

Finding a plaster contractor with employee’s who have the knowledge and skills to perform such plaster tasks is becoming harder all the time. LPR, located on the east side in Harper Woods Mi., there is an abundance of older plaster homes creating a high demand for experienced plasters . As a consumer, insuring your plaster work is done right, seeking out a professional is critical for a positive end result. We believe our commitment to quality combined with product knowledge can help you achieve your needs. LPR can install coves or decorative accents in any home. If you see something on our website you like, LPR is capable  of producing any piece or cove for one room or an entire house without limitations.  SAM_0606

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