wet plaster and cove repair

wet plaster repair

Here is a classic example of an old fashion wet plaster repair, one I’m sure plaster contractors get calls for all the time. A water pipe burst in the ceiling causing water damage to the surrounding area and plaster cove. After the water damaged plaster was removed, the area was treated with an antimicrobial or fungicide and the new sheet rock was installed. As shown in the picture, the first coat of stucto-lite or brown bag plaster was applied over the plaster weld which is the bonding agent needed to assure adhesion between the first and second products. Also, preparation for rebuilding the cove with the existing 3/8″ reveal are in the begging stages. Rebuilding the cove to match the existing is generally a five step process incorporating wire lathe, a J channel for the reveal, and several coats of plaster. When complete and painted it will look smooth and seamless. If your experiencing these types of problems at your home call or e-mail us. Our estimates are free and can generally be given on the spot.

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