New Drywall Installation

New drywall, hung tapped and finished. Most people don’t realize that drywall is nothing more then compressed plaster which is then manufactured into sheets ranging from 4’x8′ up to 4’x16′ in size. If installed and finished properly drywall can be a less costly alternative to wet plaster while maintaining quality. This customer requested two layers of 1/2″ sheet-rock creating a quality setting costing 30% less then new wet plaster. Staggering  the drywall joints and proper glue application will virtually eliminate any seams from cracking in the future. Lakeshore Plaster and Remodeling is equipped to handle any drywall job or repair without limitations on size. Our crew of (12), can handle any size project. Our staff is skilled and has the knowledge to expedite large or small jobs with little or no down time. Our painters can prime the new drywall and apply the finish paint to complete the project upon request. As always are estimates are free if you decide you need a quote on drywall. SAM_0596

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