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Interior paint job at 954 Barrington in Grosse Pointe Park, Mi. The foyer pictured here had a multitude of plaster and paint problems. When superficial repairs are the issue, LPR will remove any loose paint and plaster, and then prime the area with an oil base product. This method will insure that the surfaces in need of attention are sound before applying any plaster, and will help too not compromise the integrity of the finished product. Once the primer has cured, the plaster is applied in thin layers until the surfaces are smooth. Once the plaster is dry and cured, the entire area is primed again using an oil base product. The surfaces are then ready for the final paint finish with attention given to imperfections between coats will promote  an elegant and nearly perfect look when complete. Lakeshore Plaster prides it’s self on customer satisfaction, and these process’ and  time tested methods are used to satisfy even the fussiest of clients. If your project requires this type of attention to detail your satisfaction is our goal. A free consultation at your home is the best method to determine what’s needed for the desired finished product. Water based products are available upon request.SAM_0564

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