Exterior painting

SAM_0032Painting older homes can prove to be a challenge for even the most seasoned of painters. The key, is preparation.

Encompassing  good washing practices along with an application of oil base primer before painting, is highly recommended. Using good quality caulk, fillers, and paints are also key components to a high quality finish product. This home at 813 Grand Marais in Grosse Ponte Park, Mi. was no exception. After power washing and cleaning the structure with an environmentally safe cleaning product, all surfaces where sanded and then washed again  to remove sanding dust. A coat of oil base primer similar to the finish  color was then applied. This is not always the most cost effective method, but if longevity is what you desire, it’s certainly is the best.

After the primer is applied, the next step is using a good quality caulk  to fill any gaps up to 1/8″ thick where needed. When smoothing out surfaces to rough to sand, or where gaps larger then 1/8″ are present, LPR generally uses car bondo or rock putty to create a virtually new finished looking  product. From experience, these fillers tend to last longer then most premixed container products. The next step is sanding the areas and spot priming them again using an oil base product. The structure is then ready for the final paint stage. To complete the job, high quality exterior paint products are used. This helps create a finished paint job capable of producing a finish which can have a life span of  fifteen years or better, even in the harshest weather conditions.

After 30 years  and hundreds of exterior  paint jobs, LPR feels there is no better method for achieving  a long lasting finish product. Different paint grades are available and generally cost less, however, the cleaning process is always included in all our exterior paint jobs.

Before you have the exterior of your house painted be sure to get a quote from LPR!

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