end cap plaster cove installation #1

plaster repair st.clair shoresPreparing for plaster cove installation on end cap. Most plaster contractors when faced with a project like this will try to avoid removing the cove area at all cost, but in this situation damaged caused by water made it impossible not to. When this happens, Lakeshore Plaster will start from scratch bringing the surfaces down to bare wood. Because this cove has a 1/2″  bottom and 3/8″ top reveal working with a square surface is a must. Joining the new and old cove reveal seamlessly is where most of the labor cost are absorbed. This is not an area where shortcuts are applicable. In total 4-5 coats of plaster are used to rebuild and smooth out the new cove. After lightly sanding the new plaster, a coat of oil base primer is applied. Once dry, a visual inspection of the work will expose any touch ups necessary for smooth finished product.

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