Custom Exterior Painting

IMG00172This home in Pleasant Ridge Mi was purchased by a home owner who was looking to keep the existing wood siding and requested LPR completely remove the current paint from the structure. This was achieved using a rotary planner capable of removing several layers of old paint in one pass. Because the aggressive nature of the planner, it was necessary to additionally sand the entire structure with vibrating sanders to complete the paint removal process. An exterior grade primer was then used to seal the surface while exposing any flaws left from the sanding. Because of current lead standards set by the EPA, pain staking measures where taken by the LPR crew to assure the byproduct of  the preparation where carefully removed from the job site each day and disposed of properly. After a the primer cured fillers where applied in small doses to bring the structure to a flush smooth surface and where spot primed using top quality products. This project has yet to be completed as the winter of 2012 set in. Look for the finished photos when the weather breaks in the spring of 2013.

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