Plaster Products

Base coat plaster. Here is one of  several base coat products most plaster contractors are using. This is for large open areas and situations where a heavier amount of plaster is required. It is not used in the finish process

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New Drywall Installation

New drywall, hung tapped and finished. Most people don’t realize that drywall is nothing more then compressed plaster which is then manufactured into sheets ranging from 4’x8′ up to 4’x16′ in size. If installed and finished properly drywall can be

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Plaster Products

Plaster of Paris. Most plaster contractors use various products based on the task at hand. The product shown below is ideal for casting new plaster molds to duplicate damaged crown moldings. This particular type of plaster can also be used

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Interior Painting

Paint job @ 954 Barrington Grosse Pointe Park, Mi. This paint job proved to be challenging because of the unique placement of the staircase. Several apparatus’ where used including (3) scaffold sections and various size ladders to reach the difficult

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interior painting

Interior paint job at 954 Barrington in Grosse Pointe Park, Mi. The foyer pictured here had a multitude of plaster and paint problems. When superficial repairs are the issue, LPR will remove any loose paint and plaster, and then prime

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Plaster cove end cap #3

Plaster cove recontruction

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end cap cove installation #2

This picture illustrates installing new outside cove corners.

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plaster repair

plaster repair

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Exterior painting

Painting older homes can prove to be a challenge for even the most seasoned of painters. The key, is preparation. Encompassing  good washing practices along with an application of oil base primer before painting, is highly recommended. Using good quality

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Save big on utility bills

Most older homes have their share of gaps leaks and in-efficencies  causing major heat loss in the winter and moister and cooling problems in the summer. Some remedies may be simple and involve new caulking or added ventilation, some could

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