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The shell of this addition was constructed by another local builder. LPR was hired to manage the interior work as illustrated in the photo above.

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New wood cedar siding and painting

This project was done at 954 Barrington in Grosse Pointe Park, Mi. New cedar siding was installed on two sides of the house and then stained to match the existing color scheme.

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plaster cove repair and painting

This job included re-fastening 7/8″ plaster at the cove and painting the ceiling and walls to match the existing color.  As plaster contractors, repairing the plaster generally equates to 50%  of the total job. Lakeshore Plaster understands this and knows

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Wet plaster

In this situation a recently added addition brought new drywall together with old plaster. Lakeshore was hired to create a small radius cove in a 90 degree drywall corner. Because the cove was small, using wire lathe was not necessary.

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Plaster Crown Duplication

Four separate plaster molds where constructed to reproduce this cornice. A leaking roof caused a significant amount of damage to this decorative plaster cornice or crown. The damaged plaster was removed which helps to determine the linear footage needed for

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Decorative Plaster Repair

Four separate reverse plaster molds where created to rebuild this plaster crown damaged from water. It can be difficult to find a plaster contractor who has a crew of plasters with the skill level and patience needed to complete such

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Rough carpentry and insulation. This photo illustrates the Lakeshore crew and it’s rough carpentry skills. This bathroom will eventually become a beautiful room complete with hot tub, porcelain tile and handicap accessibility features. 5/8″ moisture resistant drywall will be installed

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wet plaster repair

Some plaster repairs can be more superficial in nature. Here the layers of paint as well as the finish layer of plaster where damaged from a leaking steam  radiator on the floor above. The pink product seen in the photo

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wet plaster and cove repair

Here is a classic example of an old fashion wet plaster repair, one I’m sure plaster contractors get calls for all the time. A water pipe burst in the ceiling causing water damage to the surrounding area and plaster cove.

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end cap plaster cove installation #1

Preparing for plaster cove installation on end cap. Most plaster contractors when faced with a project like this will try to avoid removing the cove area at all cost, but in this situation damaged caused by water made it impossible

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